Sliding System AL 205

AL 205

Triple rail section glass, mosquito screen & shutter. Suitable for small wall holes up to 94,5mm.

AL 205

Double rail section glass & mosquito screen. Suitable for small wall holes up to 60,8mm.

AL 205

Combination of opening AL410 with double rail of AL205. Suitable for school building constructions (overlapping sashes with dormer).

Reliable and economic solution for small and medium openings. Furthermore, it offers several options among the wide range of profiles, covering multiple architecture applications.

This system has an additional removable aluminium profile on the rail for easy sliding. It offers maximum security with a multiple locking system.

  • Sash width: 31.6mm
  • Glazing up to 25mm
  • Dimensions of the double sliding rail: height 31mm & width 81mm
  • Dimensions of built-in rail on glass & window screen - shutter: height 31mm & width 108,9mm

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