About us


Moments of Pride
  •  1982
    Every great story has a beginning. Theodore Karras, a young pioneer entrepreneur, founds the company in Athens. In a small foundry with limited sources and extraordinary passion, he produces a wide range of cast aluminium products.
  •  1984 1989
    The first production facility. Aluminco extends its range of products by producing cast aluminum lightings for public and commercial spaces. Launching the first aluminium door panels in the Greek market.
  •  1989
    Launching the first aluminium door panels in the Greek market.
  •  1990 1999
    The GROWTH years. The company becomes increasingly international, extending its product portfolio and its exports sales network.
  •  2002
    Privately owned new premises of 60.000 sq. m. include state of the art production facilities, logistic center and administration offices.
  •  2003
    In reply to the increasing demands of energy-saving and thermal insulation, Aluminco develops the first thermal break profile series for aluminium windows and doors.
  •  2006
    Multimillion investment plan in infrastructures , machinery, distribution systems and computerization.
  •  2011
    Going Green Culture. Installation of photovoltaic mounting system of 1,2 MWp on industrial property with an annual production of 1,750,400 KWh of electricity, and savings over 1,700 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.
  •  2015
    New industrial production units. Operation of the new production line for architectural and industrial profiles, the new vertical powder coating line and the new robotics storage unit. NextGen of Management takes over.
  •  2017
    Multi-level investment plan in new R&D labs and on-line B2B ordering platforms. Export activities exceed the 50% of its annual turnover. Launching new generation of architectural aluminium systems, optimized in terms of design, security and energy efficiency.