About us

Production Capabilities

High-level industrial capacity & logistics services
across one production site!

Thanks to the Aluminco structure, we control the whole process from start to finish, from extrusion to distribution. Our customers can therefore have confidence in a secure and efficient supply chain.

We are capable
of almost everything!

With a production capacity of over 50.000 tns annualy,
we place great emphasis on the improvement and expansion of our production capabilities,
so that can effectively serve global markets.

Aluminco’s facilities include:

  • 2 aluminium extrusion lines, 1.850 MT and 2.500 MT, with a capacity of 30.000 tns
  • 5 powder coating lines, 1 vertical and 4 horizontals 
  • 1 sublimation line for wood imitation and special effect colors
  • 1 Automatic anodizing unit offers profile length up to 7.5 m.
  • 2 Robotic warehouses with a storage capacity of 1.700 spots managed by a modern Warehouse Management System
  • 2 Insulation assembly lines 
  • 4 Door Panel lines 
  • 1 Smelting center 
  • 4 Fabrication units 
  • 2 automated packaging lines 
  • Multiple CNC lines, bending machines, cutting saws, drilling machines 
  • Distribution Facilities