About us

About us

ALUMINCO, founded by Theodoros Karras in 1982, went from scratch to one of the Greek leading companies in the field of aluminium. The company is 100% privately owned by Karras Family.

Changing the game of aluminium was Theodoros Karras vision from the beginning. He was the first in the industry to launch a new generation of cast aluminum products, which were of a classic design, but successfully constituted a solution for contemporary architectural requirements.

The innovative DNA of the founder, is still in the heart of ALUMINCO. What started with Theodoros Karras’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit continues today with the dedication of every ALUMINCO associate and employee.

A dedicated Partner

ALUMINCO headquarters, are located in Inofita Viotia, Greece, at a 40.000sq.m. owned property. It is the first company that, since its establishment, begun the production of items made of cast aluminium on traditional patterns.

Today, with 31 years of experience, our company has evolved to an integrated vertical aluminium industry focusing on developing, producing and marketing branded aluminium systems for every architectural use.

on Value-added aluminium solutions
Building the brand through consistency & care and having a clear and uniform profile, reinforced ALUMINCO to offer a unique wide-range of aluminium-based products.

on Research & development
Investing from the very beginning in the field of research & development have gradually made ALUMINCO a leader in the Greek Aluminum industry.

on Worldwide presence
With footprints to more than 60 countries, ALUMINCO can serve customers on a worldwide basis.