About us

Our History

ALUMINCO S.A. is a pioneer, healthy, familial aluminium industry that changed everything in its field. Company's main characteristic is the wider range  of certified products in the marketplace, combined with human and efficient service.

Since its establishment in 1982 the purpose of ALUMINCO is the innovative activity in the field of research, development and production, of aluminium products with high quality and aesthetics. By this choice ALUMINCO progressively became one of the most respected and recognizable company among the leading Greek and worldwide aluminium industry.

ALUMINCO was the first company that created a new generation of products of cast aluminium in classic designs, by providing successful solutions for every architecture application.

Important dates of ALUMINCO:

  •  1982
    ALUMINCO begins the production and promotion of a wide range of products such as cast aluminium railings, fences, gates and garden furniture.
  •  1984
    The company expands the range of its products with the production of cast aluminioum fixtures, satisfying the needs of hotels, public spaces and shopping centers
  •  1990
    For the first time in Greece ALUMINCO presents the first aluminium panels, by offering exceptional solution to every architectural and construction need.
  •  2000
    Five new series of panels complement the range of ALUMINCO. The traditional one, the pressed one, the inox and the security door. With their strength and high aesthetics as unique features, gave a new concept in the design of external spaces.
  •  2002
    ALUMINCO moves in to its main industrial base at Inofita Viotia two of the product units, the panels and the railings, by making additional investments in new tecnologies and machinery.
  •  2003
    ALUMINCO strengthens its place in the market by expanding the production of extruded profiles with a full range og aluminium systems for architectural use, including thermal break aluminium systems profiles.
  •  2008
    The company succeds the most profitable trading year with pre-tax profits over 4 million euros and turnover approximately 36 million euros.
  •  2011
    Installation of photovoltaic mounting system of 1,2 MWp on industrial property with an annual production of 1,750,400 KWh of electricity, and savings over 1,700 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.
  •  2012
    Successful completion of a seven-year business plan of 7.5 million euros investments in buildings, machinery and equipent, machinery installation, transportation and systems of automation and computerization.
  •  2013
    The year of strong synergies with high level and prestigious worldwide companies such as BOSCH, LG and Interamerican.

Today, ALUMINCO has become an integrated full services aluminium industry which processing aluminium in three ways:

  • Extruding: with a production capacity of 13,000 tonnes of aluminum profiles annually.
  • Doors: with a production capacity of 70,000 panels per year.

  • Casting: with a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per year.

ALUMINCO’s distribution network serves the key markets of Europe, Africa, Asia and U.S.A. distributing ALUMINCO products globally, in more than 60 countries.