About us

Management Systems & Quality Products Control

ALUMINCO SA is an aluminium products manufacturing company. More specifically, the company's operations on object: the design, construction, extruding, casting, powder coating aluminum profile products, bars, panels, doors.

The company's strategic goal is the complete satisfaction of clients on whose behalf undertakes projects, through the provision of high quality services.

The company's commitment is to focus on the needs and expectations of its customers, the absolute coverage of individual terms of cooperation and compliance with all relevant with each project legislative and regulatory requirements.

To achieve this, ALUMINCO's management has ensured:

the installation and the systematic application of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001:2008, for all areas of activity of the company,

the implementation of an effective environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 14001:2004 at all stages of the production process,

quality control during the painting process of aluminium products in accordance with international standards of quality label QUALICOAT and SEASIDE CLASS,

the certificate of quality / Anodised aluminium profile with the quality mark QUALANOD for anodized aluminum from the Greek Alumina compound,

• the resource requirements for management systems, including qualified, experienced and student personnel,

• the establishment of quality objectives and environmental awareness, the attainment of which are reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals, with a view to continuous improvement of management systems.

The company's management encourages all workers, not only to systematically apply the quality management System, but also to participate in continuous improvement, based on the principle that every worker is located near any problem is the substantive charge to make a suggestion for improvement.

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