About us


The purpose of customer satisfaction in every aspect, ALUMINCO follows consistently a  quality policy which main objectives are:

• Ensuring high quality of the products and services, with the technical and quality characteristics arising from the formulated needs of the market.

• The continuous improvement of the quality and characteristics of the services, but in general the quality in all processes and manufacturing processes of the company.

To achieve these goals contribute effectively the quality system that ALUMINCO applies since 1996 (one of the pioneers in Greece), using effective design and monitoring methods of successfull  quality and  standards, at all stages of production and supply of products.

Under the quality system and the wider policy of quality, ALUMINCO:

• Systematically explores developments in the aluminium industry on issues related to the needs of its customers.

• Selects Suppliers with internationally recognized Product Quality

• Ensures the required manpower and the necessary technical infrastructure

• Systematic staff training on issues of competence and urges the establishment of "Quality Culture"

• Planning, adopts and monitors the application of the indicator system quality and Efficiency Targets, with the ultimate goal of optimum control and optimization of service processes

• Controls the proper implementation of the quality management Procedures & Processes

• Notifying this policy to all staff and ensure continuous upgrading, so they are always compatible with their overall corporate goals.