About us

Research & Development

With export activity in over 60 locations around the world, ALUMINCO is committed to continuous research and development new or improved product solutions that meet quality, aesthetically and functionally on demanding and rapidly evolving markets.

For this purpose ALUMINCO, has enriched its potential with well-known strains, particularly in the field of research and development of new products. Our belief is that, in times of crisis, innovation is a unique option. By placing the development of new innovative products continues to invest funds and uses new technologies and fully integrated production and processing procedures of profiles and systems.

The painting process of ALUMINCO's products is based on specifications of QUALICOAT and SEASIDE CLASS (class coastal processing), While quality management system complies with ISO 9001 and environmental management system according to ISO 9014. All aluminum profile systems are designed, developed and tested in the research and Development Department of the company and then certified by accredited institutes and international organizations, such as the IFT Rosenheim (Germany), the Instituto Giordano Italy, Greek Aluminium Development Center (Greece) e.t.

Providing expertise and technical support, with the use of modern tools in combination with internal training courses and external courses, lay the Foundation for the dissemination and sharing of knowledge in order to maximize the value of ALUMINCO's partner.

ALUMINCO constantly improves its systems  with new design and technological innovations, while making it compatible with the ever-evolving needs of its clients. ALUMINCO's technical staff are fully trained and technically knowledgeable enough to provide integrated technical services in the field of selling and the implementation of a project.

ALUMINCO leads the developments in the field of aluminium, continually upgrading our services and products that offers with complete solutions that meet the needs of modern construction and improve the quality of life, creating trusting relationships with the technical world and the general public.