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Aluminco is pleased to provide BIM content for its aluminium systems.
We’ve compiled many of our unique aluminum architectural systems for Revit to serve as a starting point for your project. From there, your imagination is the only limit.

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Commited to performance, aesthetics, and flexibility, Aluminco team of engineers is ready to help you redefine architectural possibility in your next project.

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W450 Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System
Single _ Tilt & Turn
Double _ Tilt & Turn
Hidden Sash _ Double _ Tilt & Turn

W4750 Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System
Single _ Opening _ Tilt with Skylight
Fixed & Opening _ Tilt
Double _ Opening _ Tilt
Single _ Opening _ Tilt

SL2450 Sliding Thermal Insulating System
4-Leaf Fixed and Sliding
4-Leaf Sliding
Sliding Double
Fixed and Slide

FD4600 Folding Thermal Insulating Door System
Bi folding _ 3 _ Panel
Corner _ Solution

Crystalline Railing System
Crystalline L-Line _ Top Mounted Glass 8-DG41-8mm
Crystalline L-Line _ Side Mounted Glass 8-DG41-8mm
Crystalline L-Line _ Side Mounted Glass 10-DG41-10mm


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Private Villa - Greece
Skyboxes Essevee Stadium - Belgium
Porche Motorshow - Brussels
Headquarters Cordeel Group NV - Belgium
Flemish Administrative Centre - Belgium
Ghelamco Arena - Belgium
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