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BAU München 2019. First participation of ALUMINCO was fascinating!

Bau 2019 07

Aluminco's participation in the BAU 2019 international exhibition, the world's leading exhibition of architecture, building materials and systems, which took place from 14 to 19 January 2019, at the Messe München Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, was a great success.

Although Aluminco participated in this exhibition for the first time, it confirmed that it has many important new products that will be at the center of the European market in the coming months, the dynamism of which shows in the most convincing way the company's willingness to evolve into all levels.

In a fully redesigned booth with motto We are a part of tomorrow - We are a part of your dream, Aluminco has best highlighted the new "products" in its range, which is already 4 in the last 12 months and continues to follow! The new products draw from the company's DNA innovation, bold design language and unique features.

Architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, applicants, traders, distributors and investors visited the company's stand where they had the opportunity to get to know and be informed about the wide range of the company's products by the company's experienced and specialized staff.

 Bau2019 01

XPAND: World premiere
The visitors focused on the new architectural product, mesh category, Aluminco Xpand, ideal for facades, fences, sunscreens, special constructions that circulate in various shapes and patterns that differ from each other in light permeability, dimensions and design. Inspired by nature and its diversity, Aluminco Xpand has won the trust of the public.

Bau2019 02

W4900 Passive House - Flagship presentation
The company's vision for passive energy upgrading, as a result of the new challenges, was recognized by the demanding BAU audience. The W4900 system created by the company in the category of "Passive House" systems caused the intense interest of visitors for its high standards in terms of performance and aesthetics. The company's innovative system has received excellent thermal insulation performance Uw = 0.78W / m2K from the German Passive Housing Institute PHI.

Bau2019 03

It is the second generation of the innovative Open Air system, which continues the successful history of the model that emphasizes simplicity, comfort, functionality and absolute practicality, fully adopting the values of creativity and innovation. The electric version of the Open Air series, E-motion, caused strong feelings of well-being to the thousands of visitors to the exhibition, standing out through its unique personality and the ultimate comfort it offers users.

Bau2019 04

D75: High performance entry door system
The Next Gen thermal insulation system for the company's entrance doors was presented to the world first in BAU. The D75 system with impressive performance in terms of safety and insulation but also modern aesthetics, available in the Greek market, is able to meet the most demanding architectural trends and aesthetic preferences.

Bau2019 05

2 best sellers: SL2450 and FD4600 in new versions
Two attractive systems with a dynamic character that surprise with the high level of design and comfort they offer, caused rave reviews from all the visitors. The SL2450 system, with impressive sales in 2018, was shown in its first appearance with the thinnest cross-sections (central profile-hook profile 30 mm wide at the point of overlap) being the first Aluminco system in the category of minimal systems. Also, the out-of-competition bellows system, FD4600, was presented in angular typology and minimal visible aluminum, which stands out significantly from the competition. This development, for the two very successful best sellers, proves the design effort to adapt the systems to the new architectural standards.

Bau 2019 06

Aluminco has always combined creativity and innovation to provide attractive and highly upgraded aluminum products to both its partners and end users. The duration in the company's policy for distinction in all areas, will continue to increase in 2018, the company worldwide with an increase in share and sales.