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OPEN 365

A special presentation took place in the café-restaurant "Oasis" on the occasion of the first OPEN AIR application in Greece.

The event was held on Wednesday, December 14th with guests: Local architects, interior designers and engineers.

ALUMINCO presented its proposal entitled "OPEN 365" sending the message that every owner of restaurant, café or hotel can be OPEN 365 days a year in stylish, functional and easy to install way.

16 Open Air of THEA series have been placed in the historical coffee shop, taking advantage of its open spaces in very minimal and easy to use way, on a space that the history meets modern times.

Open Air system is an ALUMINCO innovation and patent patented presenting the following series: Open Air Thea, Open Air Plus, Open Air Ultra Plus and Open Air Fixed, in order to feet in every need of any outdoor space.

External aspect of Oasis cafe

Whe the classic meets the modern in a such a unique manner!

Using Open Air by Aluminco you take advantage of every space quicly, easily with style.

Beautiful Welcome by Aluminco
Mr. S. Douvalis Oasis owner, Mr. Pappas Cava 800 owner, Mr.Begas Ioannina Mayor
Mr. Griveas Marketing Manager, Mr. S.Douvalis, Mr. A. Golias Tsanos Glassetech, Mr. Chatzhiioannou, Aluminco Project Manager
Sweet treat by Aluminco!