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Τhe three pillars of action to deal with the consequences and the respective damages caused from the wildfires

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ALUMINCO® expresses its full support and solidarity with the people hit by the fires in Evia, Attica and Peloponnese.
As part of our business responsibility, ALUMINCO® raises the implications of this year's fires, high on the agenda and sets for implementation an Action Plan of three (3) pillars in favor of:

  • the immediate restoration of aluminum frames in burnt buildings of important historical and cultural heritage, municipal buildings in the affected areas,
  • more comprehensive protection of the natural environment through the "adoption" of groves and the environmental education and awareness raised primarily among children and youth,
  • the encouragement and support of volunteering activities deployed by the employees of the group.

At the same time, in this new era we live in, issues concerning the sustainable development continue to play a leading role in our strategy. With the flagship initiative "A Planet to Love", ALUMINCO® is transitioning to a new energy model, which constitutes the company's guide towards the sustainable development.

Under the heading "A Planet to Love", emphasizes in the environmental protection, works systematically on the issue of sustainability in the entire the value chain, contributing significantly to the conformation of a sustainable future through innovation, environmental product declarations and green production with a clear the reduction of CO2 emissions and the overall environmental footprint from its operation.

Argyris Karras, CEO of ALUMINCO® mentioned:

ALUMINCO® family with sense of responsibility and debt helps in dealing with the consequences and losses of this unprecedented situation. From the first moment we stand next to the Region of Central Greece, in the municipalities and our fellow citizens who have been challenged the past few days in Evia, whereas we remain in continual communication with the competent authorities, working together to respond immediately to the needs of our fellow citizens. In addition, we provide increased financial resources for the "A Planet to Love" program for environmental, social and corporate initiatives, fully aligned with the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

ALUMINCO® professes its support in environmental and social issues arisen, standing at the society side diachronically with a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility program, which includes, among other things, sponsorships, and donations in our areas of operation.