Julietta for Juliet Balconies

Julietta for JB

Onto the facade application.

Julietta for JB

Post design detail.

Julietta for JB

Glass Infill as standard

Julietta for JB

Onto the frame application.

Julietta for JB

Psatha Infill is an option.

Julietta for JB

Detail of the classic psatha application.

Julietta for JB

Detail of the Xpand infill.

Julietta for JB

Easy assembly.

Julietta for JB

Open doors with fixed panel application.

Julietta, a system solution by ALUMINCO, is the contemporary look of a “no balcony” barrier, delivering minimalist structures of maximum strength.

The modern buildings use of full height windows and doors in the creation of a larger “virtual space” in a small environment. This creates an extension of the outside visibility and enlarges the viewpoint from the inside. In “no balcony” situations, Julietta is the greatest solution with contemporary style.

Working as a guarding or barrier placed on the outside of full height windows and doors, Julietta mainly offers an ultra-reassuring feeling, when mounted on the first floor or higher floors, that do not lead to a “walk on” balcony.

From the inside you achieve an unobstructed view, with a clean element spanning across the opening, no vertical bars or posts, no glass clamps, thereby creating very slim sightlines.

Available in 2-KIT and 5 different shades, Julietta is quite a promise.
KIT: JLT06-1000 and JLT06-1100
Shades: RAL 9016 - RAL 9005 - 9005 MATT - 420 Anodic - Black Anodic


  • Available in three different glass thicknesses
  • Mounted onto the facade or directly onto the window frame, suitable for aluminium frames
  • Possibility of different infill units
  • Optionally mounted with a top handrail


  • Ultra-safe barrier, slender profiles
  • Quick and simple mounting
  • Cost-effective application



  • Face Height: 1000 mm & 1100 mm
  • Face Width: up to 2000 mm
  • Mounting: a) Mounted directly onto the window frame b) Mounted onto the façade
  • Infill: Tempered Laminated Glass (as standard)
  • Glass Thicknesses: a) 6.6.4PVB - 13.52 mm b) 8.8.4PVB - 17.52 mm c) 10.10.4PVB - 21.52 mm
  • Extras: a) Top handrail b) Decorative infill c) Xpand infill

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