Crystal line - Glass Supporting System

Type C2

On-Floor System

Type Α20

Wedge on floor system

Type Α

On-floor glass supporting system

Type Ds

External support with glass brackets

Type A20

Wedge on floor system

Type Á20u

In-floor wedge system

Type A10

On-floor support system with 10cm glass

Type Dc No Drill

Evolutionary concept of external fascia mounting , without any drilling on the glass panels

Type Ε

Heavy duty on floor system

Type A

On-floor supporting system

The advanced supporting glass system based on aluminum profiles is the ideal system for glazed railings (balconies, stairs and building enclosures) with high architectural standards.

It offers an impressive aesthetical and functional result with no view limit. It is maintenance free, easy to clean and is fabricated under UNI EN 10807 & NF P01-013.

The Crystal line system is available in 3 basic models: In-floor, On-floor and External. Each one of the models offers different applications.

The system can be placed on a final floor or on a parapet by using a 16 or 20mm width and 100cm height glazing (triplex, securit). The system base is covered by aluminum side covers which allow the replacement of the glazing without damaging the system or the final floor. Side covers are available in RAL, special colours, anodized type inox, wood imitation.

Aluminco has improved the system by proposing the use of 3 different models of rail top (circular, oval and circular with special opening). Rail tops are optional and are available in the same color as side covers. A glazing without a railtop is possible but with polished edges.

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