F50 Anodized Aluminium Railings

F50 Brand

The brand registered trademark of F50 Railing System of ALUMINCO.

F50 Accord Quattro

Harmonic assimilation between circle and square. Tubular and rectangular profile.

F50 Accord

Variation of the basic Accord design, with curved corner connectors.

F50 Accord Round

Variation of the basic Accord design, with curved corner connectors.

F50 Horizon

Delicate, ethereal and subtle. Relax at the magnificent view of the horizon. Let your imagination free and unobstructed.

F50 Horizon X-Rail

Classy luxury. Beautifully crafted rosace mounting, targeting towards the horizon. A real ornament

F50 Accord X Square

Cubic notion of Accord Square, with discrete, modern connections.

F50 Accord

Parallel lines and simple mounting in total accord.

F50 Horizon Square X-Rail

The base system Horizon X-Rail in conjunction with square blocks. The harmony of austere lines and unique view on the terrace.

F50 Accord Square

Based on the Accord concept, with square profiles.

F50 Accord Blade

Parallel lines in a specially designed double column.

F50 Accord

Specially designed accessories, allow application of the Accord design on any type of staircase, indoor or outdoor.

F50 Anodized line is based on a simple design and construction perception: a tube system made of anodized aluminium artistically designed giving a fine, highly aesthetic total.

The metal parts may be easily combined with glass or polycarbonate sheets, offering unlimited options of design applications. The several applications of F50 system offer unique solutions to modern constructions, such as:

  • Balcony railings, proving their particular resistance to various weather conditions.
  • Railings of internal stairs, giving a sensation of high aesthetics inside houses and buildings. 
  • Railings of exterior stairs, suitable for modern houses and buildings. 
  • Railings for stairs at public spaces, particularly useful in large cities, as well as other spaces, such as hotel & domestic swimming pools, etc. for balconies and stairs.

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