W410 • Tilt & Turn Opening System

AL 410

Tilt & Turn System for high level of flexibility.

The W410 system is a lightweight, versatile, non-insulated system whose main characteristics are its flexibility and the easy adaptation to a wide variety of applications.

Its harmonious design from curved lines that lead to straight and flat surfaces combines traditional with modern look, offering many functional values.

In cooperation with the sliding SL205 system, “school” type windows (sliding window with opening skylight) can be created.

Thanks to the solutions offered by the W410, it proves to be an extremely efficient system both for its durability and functionality.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with the SL205 system.
  • Ideal for large-scale requirements since it offers easy and fast installation.
  • Possibility for corner constructions, windows and opening - sliding frames.
  • Large variety of shutters for all possible typologies.

> Casement windows: 1Leaf - 2Leaf - 3Leaf - 4Leaf
> Casement-awning windows: 1Leaf - 2Leaf
> Shutters: 1Leaf - 2Leaf - 3Leaf - 4Leaf
> Doors: 1Leaf - 2Leaf
> Angular structure: 30°-190°with Ø50 & 7°-205°with Ø60
> Fixed-picture windows
> Combinations: 2Leaf sliding SL205 with opening W410

  • Hardware: Camera CE
  • Min. face height: 88 mm
  • Frame height: 48.5 mm
  • Min. frame width: 39 mm
  • Sash height: 67.5-95.1 mm
  • Sash width: 41-43.8 mm
  • Sash weight: up to 100 Kgr
  • Glass thickness: 4-20 mm

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