SL2450 • Sliding Thermal Insulating System


Sliding Thermal Insulating System with minimal face widths.


The hotel type threshold offers excellent performance and is ideal for upgrades or new contructions of hotel rooms.


The low level threshold offers greater comfort and makes it easy to access a building.


Maximum transparency and light penetration thanks to face width of 51 mm.


Unique sliding to a low-level flat-bottomed railway profile offers greater comfort and facilitates access by disabled individuals.

Sliding Thermal Insulating System with minimal face widths

SL2450 is the next generation that upgrades the AL220 existing product line, offering unlimited enhanced features and unrivaled characteristics.

The SL2450 harmoniously combines all the functional benefits of a minimal lift and slide system and at the same time offers impressive thermal insulation, water tightness and resistance to wind load.

The system combines up to date architectural aesthetics and exceptional functionality along with top durability and performance.

Features and benefits

  • High level of thermal insulation Uw=1.59 W/m²K due to the 32 mm glass reinforced polyamides.
  • Minimal style and straight lines in combination with the low driver offer particularly elegant structures and facilitate the access.
  • Profile width 51 mm at the junction point in order to maximize transparency and light penetration.
  • The lift sliding mechanism offers smooth sliding and maximum functionality along with even better thermal insulation.
  • The built-in handle at the junction point of the slim hook, offers higher strength and robustness in construction and increased resistance to wind load.
  • Ability to implement a variety of typologies.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Ideal solution for new constructions and hotel renovations.


Lift - sliding
2Leaf sliding, 3Leaf sliding, 4Leaf double sliding, 6Leaf double sliding, 2Leaf sliding with insect screen, 2Leaf sliding with fixed, 2Leaf sliding with fixed and insect screen, 1Leaf sliding with fixed
Lift – sliding pocket
1Leaf-2Leaf sliding with glass, 1Leaf-2Leaf sliding pocket with glass-insect screening system, 1Leaf-2Leaf with glass- rolling shutters, 1Leaf-2Leaf with glass-insect screen-rolling shutters.

  • Min. face height: 112.1 mm
  • Min. frame height: 35 mm
  • Min. frame width: 113 mm
  • Sash height: 78/88 mm
  • Sash width: 45 mm
  • Hook profile face width: 51 mm
  • Max. sash weight: 200-250 Kgr
  • Glass thickness: 20-26 mm
  • Insulation: Polyamides, 16-32 mm

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