D590 • Entrance Door Thermal Insulating System

AL 590

Entrance Door Thermal Insulating System  for high thermal insulation and safety.

D590 is designed to offer excellent sealing, improved thermal insulation performance and safety. A robust thermal insulation system for main entrances to residential or business premises with simple design and exceptional features, which corresponds to architectural constructions of high standards.

It offers high levels of security with the special multi-point lock. It has a special opening system with fingerprint recognition and antitheft keys.  Programming is easy and fast with a computer capable of recording up to 100 different fingerprints, offering maximum levels of security and protection.

The system has an anti-burglary certificate as well as sound reduction and thermal insulation certificates by the German institute IFT Rosenheim. In addition to its high aesthetics, the D590 incorporates advanced accessories that guarantee exceptional performance and unrivaled functionality.

Features & Benefits

  • System design with attention to detail.
  • The combination with a thick panel of 38mm offers maximum sound & thermal insulation.
  • Enhanced security level is achieved thanks to safety locks with special hooks into the frame, allowing 4 types of lock, up to 17 points lock.
  • The system allows a mechanism to open the door with a fingerprint. Charming and discreet accessory that fits into any door color.
  • Special plastic accessories ensure excellent aesthetics.
  • Locks with special hooks on the frame offering maximum security and protection on.

> Doors: 1Leaf - 2Leaf

  • Min. face height: 101.7 mm
  • Frame height: 70.5 mm
  • Frame width: 65 mm
  • Min. sash height: 93 mm
  • Sash width: 65 mm
  • Sash weight: 200 Kgr
  • Glass thickness: 20-48 mm
  • Insulation: Polyamides 14-24 mm

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