Pergolas System


Traditional pergolas will bring the air of the Mediterranean to any house or building. They areresistant to all weather conditions, easy to assemble and maintenance free.

Classic with polycarbonate sheets

Traditional pergolas may be combined with polycarbonate panels that offer additional protection from various weather conditions.


Designed in an identical line with that of classic wood pergolas.

Traditional with canvas roofing

This solution is ideal for applications intended for traditional summerhouses, giving the charm of country style


A modern version of aluminium pergolas in simple and minimal line, suitable for buildings with the concept “less is more”

Modern with canvas roofing

The combination of modern pergolas with canvas offer additional shading to balconies, gardens etc

Modern with polycarbonate sheets

Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, roof gardens, etc. adding style and particular aesthetics

Modern with fixed louver blades

One more option of the modern pergola, where fixed louver blades may be used in certain parts, giving originality to modern design.

The pergola system was conceived to respond to the need of outdoor lifestyle.

Easy to assemble and install, the pergola can resemble the original classic, wooden one or with the use of polycarbonate sheets as cover, it becomes an ornament to a modern home.

Pergola is available in a variety of RAL and RAFAELLO colours as well as wood imitation shades, and it is above all, certified by seaside class standards for maximum protection and with no need of maintenance.

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