Inspired by nature, the Stunning New Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica is a totally ALUMINCO experience! From the restaurant and bars to rooms and suites, this resort truly embraces and showcases the best of ALUMINCO’s architectural solutions. Get Inspired!

Surrounded by Cabrits National Park, the unobtrusive design of this peaceful, hidden away five-star luxury resort in Dominica preserves the natural beauty and ecosystem of this stunning, unexplored volcanic island.

With Dominica being home to 365 rivers, waterfalls and boiling springs, the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski has been designed to maintain a natural balance between the land and sea, while ensuring a modern and contemporary guest experience.

DOM1 Resort Aerial View From Douglas Bay High Res 12802

The 151-room resort, with its breathtaking panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, also features a full-service Kempinski Spa, international cuisine at 4 restaurants and bars, and a state-of-the-art fitness facility. It also has two floodlit tennis courts, 4 sparkling swimming pools, and meeting space for executive retreats and intimate weddings.

DOM1 Main Pool 04 High Res 12858

DOM1 Executive Ocean View Suite Living Room High Res 12825

The rooms are very much in line with the ALUMINCO Sliders Collection philosophy, allowing the maximum natural light and providing an optimal panoramic view to the Caribbean Sea while offering an enriching, contemporary guest experience that strikes a natural balance between land and sea.

DOM1 Ocean View Pool Suite Living Room 01 High Res 12833

DOM1 Cabrits Market Restaurant High Res 12805

Adjacent to the majestic Cabrits National Park and overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the resort guarantees peace and quiet during your stay. In terms of that, the developers asked for the highest standards. The integrated innovative ALUMINCO systems used, allow a significant increase in acoustic performance compared to traditional types, while guarantee ultimate performances regarding wind and water tightness, meeting with the highest standards.

DOM1 Lobby At Twilight High Res 12812

After extensive research, the architectural team of the resort identified ALUMINCO’s Crystalline Series as the ideal solution for their glass balcony railings. It allowed them to create a modern and sophisticated design that perfectly matched Caribbean’s architecture.

Crystal Line Series stands out for its unique design, functionality and safety, offering innovations that have been designed to meet current real-world needs.

DOM1 Lobby Terrace View High Res 12794

Everything about this resort’s modern, sophisticated design is amplified by the unbeatable quality and ultimate performances of ALUMINCO contemporary architectural systems.

DOM1 Pool And Ocean View At Twilight High Res 12799

DOM1 Resort Aerial View With Cabrits National Park High Res 12803