SOHO CITY MONTENEGRO! A beautiful "fairytale" place, an autonomous "paradise" was equipped with the top-notch architectural systems ALUMINCO!

Day 4

The future of luxury belongs to Soho City, a luxury property complex, 250m from the sea, in Europe's sunniest city, Bar in southern Montenegro.

Thanks to its natural beauty, Montenegro has the fastest growing tourism industry in the world, according to the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC).

Day 1

Soho City is a project developed and implemented by the Soho Group, which has already successfully completed many projects at the Bar, such as Sun Residence, Belvedere Residence, Your Home, Pečurice Village, Russian House.

Soho City investors have called for an innovative approach to construction, whereas technology playing an active role and buildings designed according to modern architectural principles for sustainability.

Night 6

The innovative aluminum architectural systems that were proposed to the architectural team and selected by unanimous decision of the investors and engineers of the project are the top-notch of the ALUMINCO systems.

Without exaggeration, ALUMINCO products have been described as the trend of this century and have been perfectly combined with modern SMART technologies.

Day 7

The ALUMINCO architectural systems selected for the Soho City project are the all-new slider ALUMINCO SL2700, a lift-and-slide thermal Insulating System for enhanced transparency of wide spans, the advanced window systems ALUMINCO W4750 & W4900, which combine outstanding performance with adaptation properties and exceptional design and the façade system ALUMINCO EW50, a well-equipped curtain wall, enhancing the building’s exterior.

The more sophisticated systems of ALUMINCO outpaced international competition, mainly because it allowed to create a modern design that perfectly matched Soho’s architecture.

Night 7

The point of reference of the project is that all materials, components and equipment used in each construction phase must comply with European quality and durability standards and were selected by a specialized team of engineers during their visits to factories throughout Europe.

The Soho City complex includes two luxury buildings and 224 residential units in total. The units have an area of ​​34-245 m² and meet the unique needs and requirements of each group of customers.

Day 6

The most exciting feature of the Soho City complex is the top floor space - an outdoor pool with swimming pools, recreation area available to owners of luxury apartments on the top floor.

At the same time there are restaurants, high standard boutiques, beauty salons, gyms, etc.

Day 2

It is also worth noting that the purchase of a property can be done with Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and a temporary residence permit can be secured in Montenegro.

The project is scheduled for completion in July 2020.