WZC and GAW Mercator, Belgium
WZC and GAW Mercator, Belgium
WZC and GAW Mercator, Belgium

Care and Apartment Center, Belgium

'Fusion line' advanced aluminum railing system in an impressive construction in Ostend, Belgium

The Fusion Line type 'Elxis' adorns the special construction of a care center and apartments in Belgium. The WZC and GAW Mercator is a modern venue in the new, quiet area of ​​Mariakerke. The location is in the new Prins Roselaan subdivision in the recently-built Josef Boelsstraat.

The structure is subdivided into smaller entities. By placing the building blocks opposite the road, the masses of the building blocks are divided and pleasant outdoor spaces are created that are full of different pathways. The comb-shaped building, with the care center on the left and the auxiliary homes on the right.

Fusion Line system has the ability to harmoniously combine glass with aluminum in countless combinations, at the same time offering an unobtrusive, luxurious result. Orbit, Elxis and Synthesis types are included in this product line.

Each type has its own characteristics creating pioneering bindings that allow the minimal aluminum interference between two or more glass surfaces, perfectly matched to any modern construction. It introduces advanced and robust profiles for extra strength, ensuring the best performance offered by a railing system.

Enjoy a special experience in the railings’ world!